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Art of Parenting
Joyful and colorful parenting with some creative ideas
Hi everyone, I am Gopika Menon, mother of a naughty tot. I am here to share my ideas of parenting with some tricks and tips that I have used or collected in various stages of parenting. My main intention is to help the first time parents with guidance for each stage which may help them to lead chaos-free parenting. Train Your tot is a mother's righteous manual for her most prominent and most stunning experience, through practical advice on parenting, pregnancy, mental and physical development of little one Every mom can depend on TYT for genuine answers to deal with her bustling work and life balance. Train Your Tot provides up-to-date, and experimentally validated information about raising children and caring for yourself as a parent. Based on the evidence, TYT portrays and explains various parenting methods and techniques and let people decide for themselves, depending on what suits their circumstances. In short, Train Your Tot intends to become a mother's referral where she can get guidance, motivation, and joyful parenting